Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 22

28th January 2014

With Mum being so sick it's been difficult to find moments to laugh at the moment, so today my gratitude goes to those who gave me moments of laughter.

Firstly my husband Narada trying on some funny sunglasses at Pigeon Hole, a shop in the city. Silly I know but I love his silliness! 

In the evening we had dinner at my Mum in law Deb's house and her partner Adam entertained Hanna with his quirky Irish humour. Hanna had great fun and laughed so much at that at one stage, after he tried to convince her that it wasn't chicken but crocodile we were eating for dinner  she yelled out "G.G (what she calls Deb) Adam's being CHEEKY!"  He had us all laughing which as they say is always the best medicine.

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