Friday, 10 January 2014

Day 4

10th January 2014

I've had an exceptionally difficult day today and it was a struggle to find my grateful moment - but at the end of this trying day I have found one. It's the amazing relationship between my daughter Hanna and my son Charlie. 

Over the past two years and 9 months I have watched Charlie completely transform Hanna's life. My beautiful eldest daughter, who has an intellectual disability and communication difficulties went from being an only child, struggling to be around other children, especially younger children,  to a more patient and tolerant sister to a flamboyant and at time challenging 2 year old. And Charlie, well he seems to understand and adapt to his sister and her needs. I have watched this relationship grow and flourish. While they may constantly bicker and fight and annoy each other they have become the best of friends too - and that was very clear to me when I watched them playing at the park today. They balance each other beautifully, and I'm hoping as the years go by that this relationship continues to balance and they can continue to help each other out. Here is my grateful moment(s) caught on camera today. Today I have photos. 

I was really moved by the last one - where Charlie put his hand out to help Hanna up the climbing frame. He loves being able to help her out, and he does it without being prompted. He just loves his big sister. And she him. 

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