Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 23

29th January 2014

Today I am grateful for the lovely relationship between my two boys, Narada and Charlie. This moment between them when Narada was serving dinner caught my attention. Charlie has a love of food and cooking, and always wants to help his Dad when he's in the kitchen. It's funny watching him later on when he's in his play kitchen doing the things he's been watching Narada do so closely.

Narada was always a very keen player of Lego as a kid so he takes great joy in playing Duplo with Charlie.

Then then my final bit of gratitude for the day is for my favorite time with my kids, reading them stories. I love to read to them, put on different voices for different characters, get them to read along when they can, discuss the pictures and snuggle up to me as we go through the final part of their day. It gives me so much pleasure to do this with them, and I think it is such a vital thing to do with our children. 

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