Saturday, 1 February 2014

Days 24 and 25

31st January & 1st February 

Combining two grateful days into one again. I know it's kind of cheating but the days are blending into one at the moment anyway. 

Friday's grateful moment is appreciating the walk I've been doing from the Esplanade train station in the city to the hospital my Mum is currently in - about a ten minute walk away. I've been catching the train in to see her everyday, and I I'm finding I really enjoy the journey when I don't have to drive or face the freeway. It gives the opportunity to centre and relax myself before going in to see her. My photo today is taken along the walk past some beautiful old gum trees in the medium strip. This journey I have been taking everyday has been giving me a positive for my Mum's illness at the moment as it's getting me moving and active, which is what I really need to do. 
Saturday I took the kids out for breakfast (pancakes for them bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, mushrooms, tomatoes for me!) at Dome. After that we headed across to their favourite park at the foreshore and I watched as Charlie tried to climb a tree for the very first time. In this moment I was so grateful for the freedom of childhood and the fantastic, simple, pleasurable experiences children can have when they are allowed to explore. Here is the moment I captured as Charlie explored this tree.

In the afternoon I journeyed into the city to visit Mum again, and met up with my dear friend Ken and met his partner Julie for the first time. Ken and Julie were old flames reunited about a year ago and are so compatible and content. I also got the chance to acquaint myself with their two rescued Husky dogs, Flame and Husky. What was amazing and uplifting was the way these two dogs made everybody smile as they went past. Whether it was their beauty, their personalities shining through or just peoples surprise to see these two large dogs walking along in the city, who knows. What was really interesting as well was the number of conversations and people drawn to talk to Julie and Ken about their dogs whenever we were stopped. We went into the shopping mall and Ken came into a shop with me to look for a present for my Mum while Julie sat down on a couch with the two dogs beside her and enjoyed her coffee. When we came out of the shop we couldn't see Julie, only a crowd of young men and the two dogs lapping up the attention they were getting, and Julie sitting in the middle. These boys were fascinated and drawn to the dogs, and it really was an amazing sight to see.

So this afternoon this was my grateful moment. My dear friend Ken, the love of his life Julie and their two dogs Flame and Husky.

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