Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 27 & 28

4th February

Today was my Mum's birthday so a good part of the day was spent sitting with her in hospital holding her hand, playing her some of her favorite music, thinking about the good times. My gratitude today is for my Mum, not just because today she turned 64, not just because I miss the chats we always have every day, but because she is the most inspirational and courageous lady who has spent her life putting others well being first. Without my Mum I would not be the Mum I am today. Happy Birthday Mum.


5th February 

Today it was a real treat to have lunch with my gorgeous university friend Peta. 
Peta has such wisdom and insight into the world around around her, and her perspective always helps me to see things in a different light.She is always so genuine, warm and has the loveliest smile as you can see here! So today I am grateful for my friend Peta.

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