Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day 33 and 34

11th February 

A day of tearful gratitude today, but in a place where I don't feel comfortable to photograph. Today Mum left the Intensive Care Ward and we said goodbye and thank you to some of the most amazing human beings I have ever come across. The nurses caring for my mother over the past three weeks have done so with the highest amount of dignity, love and care, and as we said goodbye today, a number of them came up and hugged my Mum and kissed her on the cheek. I wept tears of gratitude for all of Mum's carers over the past three weeks today, and also tears of relief and excitement for the next steps in Mum's recovery. Really the journey is only just beginning. 
So today's' gratitude is for the ICU team at the Mount Hospital for your care of not just Mum but all of our family during this really rough and scary few weeks.

12th February 

Two moments of gratitude today, and both involve spending time with our parents and taking that time to listen and absorb those family connections.

While the nurses took Mum for a shower today, my father and I went over to the park across the road to eat some rolls made of left over brisket Narada had made the night before for dinner. This park, although right next to a major arterial route was an amazingly peaceful place, and Dad and I watched numerous waterbirds flying and diving in and out of the lake.

A lunch date with my Dad is not a regular occurrence, but it was such a special and valued moment to have with him. We talked about everything and anything, the trepidation and fear as Mum starts rehabilitation and progresses through her recovery, my kids, my brothers and I as kids. After we'd finished eating we took a walk down the path and could hear a rushing and trickling of water. We discovered a waterfall in the middle of the park, not far back from the main road. We stood there watching it for about five minutes, and it a really relaxing and de-stressing moment. Here is my first moment of gratitude captured for today:

My second moment was taking Hanna out to the shopping center this afternoon and having a "Churros Kids" from San Churro. I was grateful for the one on one time with Hanna, we don't those moments very often anymore. Here is my captured moment of gratitude.

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