Sunday, 9 February 2014

Day 29, 30 ,31

OK, some days are harder than others to capture the grateful moment than others. The last few days I've been grateful to watch my Mum slowly beginning her journey of recovery. I was blessed on Friday to accompany her as she was wheeled outside for some sunshine for the first time in weeks. I could see the hairs on her arms stand on end as the breeze went across her skin. It was overwhelming for her senses, and she was very tired afterwards, but it was another small step on her way back. 

Day 29 Thursday  6th February 

Today was finding ourselves getting back into some familiar routines for the year. One of those familiar routines is going to Hanna's school with Charlie and visiting the Malibu Cafe. The cafe is run by teachers and students in their final year at Malibu school, and provides these students with hands on training to prepare them for life after school. The ladies who run the cafe have become very good friends to me and are always welcoming and ready with a baby cino for Charlie, his drink of choice. It was lovely to get our first coffee their for the year, and this was the first grateful moment for Thursday that I captured.

My second grateful moment for Thursday, still in theme of getting back into routines was taking Hanna to her Western Cheer Sports training session with her group the 'Western Lions" This group is run by an amazing young lady named Jess who coordinates each member of the group to be paired with an assistant. It gives young people with disabilities a chance to participate in Cheer Leading, performing, and being part of a group. Hanna loves Cheer Sports and over the year and a bit that she's been doing it i have seen huge leaps in her confidence, coordination, social skills and overall happiness. today I captured her "flying" - being hoisted into the air by the assistants. Such a gleeful moment for her.

Saturday 8th February 

Today I was grateful for solid long term friends. Had lunch with one of my oldest dearest friends Shayne and had such a great time reminiscing, moaning and groaning about getting old and flabby and chatting about this that and everything.

The moment I captured was my kids singing along to "Twinkle Twinkle" from a Wiggles DVD this morning. I loved their synchronized hand gestures and the honest beauty and love that they give this song when they sing it. This is my captured moment of gratitude:

Sunday 9th February 

My first moment of gratitude today was seeing my Mum smiling for the first time in a while. It's such a beautiful and special thing after she has been so ill to see the smile returning to her face. It's something I am truly truly grateful for.

Second moment today was watching the kids in the park this afternoon, appreciating and being truly amazed at their beauty and pure joy. Here are some moments I captured.

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