Monday, 24 February 2014

Days 38 - 46

So this week..............

Monday February 17th 

 The bus driver who drove me to the hospital today. A friendly, very funny chap, who got one of his passengers to buy him an ice cream, and joked with her as she waited to eat hers. He made me laugh when he said to her "You'll have to drink it in a minute!' He made me smile! Very grateful for this moment on the bus.
Tuesday February 19th

I've spent a lot of time mid visit with Mum over the past 4 weeks in here. Coffee and conversation, whether it's with family, nurses and hospital staff or people I've just met have provided me with many moments I've been grateful for. The barrista  now knows my order, he smiles and jokes with me and it's a place where I always feel welcome and comfortable. It's provided some welcome relief during some very stressful times in the past few weeks, and for this I am truly grateful.

 Friday 21st February 

Today was a day devoted to Charlie, and so we went down to the Mildger park in Mandurah for a play. Today I am grateful for Charlie's growing courage. He has a fear of water and would usually never do what he was doing in this picture, but today he got his face wet, his clothes wet, his feet wet and his hair wet. He was so happy and seemed to forget about his fears as he splashed in the "water spout" as he called it. Grateful for his steps to overcome his fear today!

Saturday 22nd February

Today I took Hanna to see her Grandma for the first time since she has been in hospital. Hanna was very very excited to travel on the train and bus - something I simply take for granted. It made it an exciting journey with Hanna so excited. Hanna was so gentle and understanding of Mum when we were there. I was so proud and grateful for her being the beautiful, kind hearted, loving soul that she is, and the joy and happiness she brought to Mum with her visit.

Sunday 23rd February

 Today I am grateful for the way in which my brothers and I surrounded Mum with love and family. Narada brought the kids in, my brother Graham came in with his wife Jenny and my beautiful niece Ellen, and with left over roast lamb and bread rolls we shared an in hospital 'picnic'. So grateful to have had this moment. 
In the later afternoon I let Mum get some sleep and went for a walk in the city. I captured some moments as I walked through that surprised and delighted me. It was a magic Sunday afternoon. 

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