Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 36

14th February

Happy happy Valentines Day to all those who love and love to be loved!

My first moment of gratitude today was for the love of my life, my husband Narada. 
The other day I was eating a little Bounty Bar and I said to Narada "I really really love coconut It's the best" So this morning it's Valentines Day and Narada comes out with a bag of coconut and says "Happy Valentines Day. I know how much you love coconut so I got you a bag if it. " I was amused and flabbergasted and then he said "There's something else in there...." A Cherry Ripe Bounty Bar and a Coconut Rough. Lucky I love coconut! What a quirky lovely gorgeous man is my husband!

The next moment of gratitude came at the end of the day when my daughter brought home a card she  had made at school. She had made it by herself with some help with the cutting. The writing was all hers. I was so proud of her at this moment. 

My gratitude today is also for simplicity, and how a couple of simple ingredients can bring joy. I decided to make the kids play dough. We have plenty of manufactured stuff but it lasts five minutes before it gets mixed up with the other colours and  all turns into a brown colour. These moments I captured show the enjoyment that was had, there was quietness for about half an hour as they played, no fighting, no disagreements. It was just pure simple pleasurable play time. 

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