Monday, 10 February 2014

Day 32

10th February 2014

Two moments of gratitude to share today. 

The first was sitting on the balcony at the hospital with my Mum (and my Dad too) looking over the city. For all three of us this was a lovely moment and another step in the right direction of my Mum's recovery. She looked across the landscape with us, smiled and held both my Dad and my hands in either hand. It was a special moment and I captured this moment with this photo of the view from the balcony. After I took this picture I showed Mum and she gave it a nod of approval.

 The second was going to my first scrap booking group for the year. I have been going to this group with my Mum-in-law Deb since I first moved back from Melbourne in June 2011. All four of the other ladies are educators, or retired teachers, and each month Katrina gets us together to make a scrap booking page. It's a great example of the process and not the product. We create, we talk, we laugh, we reminisce. It's a familiar and comfortable routine that we are part of, and I'm always grateful for my Scrap booking night and these inspirational and fantastic women who are part of it. 

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